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   Panic In The Woods will not be taking any bookings for now due to changes we are under going.  Look forward to seeing you in the future.

Panic In The Woods is the Top Escape Game in the Nashville area.  Located in Spring Hill, TN.

Not your ordinary Escape Game!  We take our Escape Games to the next level with our immersive settings and special effects.   Fun and entertaining  for everyone, from kids to adults.   Ideal for friends, family and co-workers.  Great opportunity for team building.  Ideal rainy day activity, couples night out, large groups or birthday celebrations.  Our Escape Games are off the beaten path nestled in a wooded area just outside of the city bringing realism and excitement to your experience.   Make your next adventure one you'll never forget!  

Work together  following clues, solving puzzles, cracking codes and finding hidden items.  Your goal is to escape the room within one hour. 

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When visiting Spring Hill, make sure you include Panic in the Woods as one of your points of interest.

2131 Joe Brown Rd. Spring Hill, TN  37174

Close to Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin,  and surrounding areas in middle TN. 

(931) 486-3063


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The Haunted mansion

It is 11:00 pm. You have been summoned to the Lockwood Mansion for the reading of Edmond Lockwood's  last will and testament. You're listed as one of the long lost relatives to receive an inheritance of a priceless necklace. But in order to receive your inheritance you must first be locked in the mansion for no more than one hour. In That time you must find the necklace and the key to the way out, for unexplained things happen at the stroke of midnight.

IQ & A For The Haunted Mansion

Q:  Is it real scary, will something jump out at me?

A:  It is not scary, and nothing jumps out at you.  There are visual and audio special effects that might make you jump.  These effects can be omitted upon request.

Q:  Is it good for kids?

A:  Yes.  It is ideal for birthday celebrations.

The Witness 2018 EDIT
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The Witness

While driving down a country road you witness someone dragging a lifeless body into the woods.  Efforts to get help fail because your cell signal is in the "dead zone."  You come across a barn down a long secluded drive and go into it looking for help only to find the killers accomplice.  He locks you in the barn, where you must find evidence of who the killers are and the murder weapon before they return because there can be no witnesses!  You have one hour!

Q & A For The Witness

Q:  Does the game take place indoors or outdoors?

A:  The game takes place indoors.

Q:  Are the lights on or is it dark?

A:  The room is lighted.

Q:  Is this game appropriate for younger kids?

A:  Yes, we recommend 8 and older.  Younger is allowed with parental discretion.

Magician secret rabbit pic.jpg

Coming Soon!

Two Magicians are competing for top billing.  One of the Magicians decides to eliminate his competition by making him disappear.  You must discover how to reverse the trick and bring him back before it is too late and he is gone forever!

A fun game with magic tricks and secret passages.


(931) 486-3063


 If you are looking for fun things to do in the fall for Halloween, be sure to check out Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods in Spring Hill.  For more info click on link below.

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